Advantages of Choosing Phenolic Caster Wheels

Phenolic caster wheels have always been popular as an inexpensive option for smooth concrete and standing load storage with no fixed set. It does rival with polyurethane on aluminum, but it offers unique strengths that make it the overall better choice for the right applications.

Aside from cost efficiency, there are other advantages to using phenolic caster wheels, such as:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The phenolic caster wheel at this website can carry great weights, thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, which is made possible by the phenolic resin being shaped under high temperature and pressure. 

Stagnant Load Reliability

If mobility is not a requirement, phenolic caster wheels are a great option as they are known to work very well in a fixed position. With infrequent movement, you don't have to be burdened by having to replace the wheel frequently or staining the floor.

Tough but Lightweight Body

Macerated denim is combined with phenolic resin to make a tough compound that is as hard as a bowling ball. These materials make phenolic caster wheels both tough and lightweight.

Stain Resistance

The materials used in making phenolic caster wheels are essentially chemical resisting, allowing allows them to avoid stains from oil, grease and all other liquids. However, this is only true for as long as the hard, external shell is intact. If the shell cracks or is broken due to harsh environments or environments, the wheels can completely breakdown when liquids seep into the interior. 

If you're looking for a cash-saving caster wheel that will not be used very often, you can look into phenolic caster wheels and decide if they are suitable for your specific application. Their tough body gives them the ability to carry heavy stationary loads. If you must use the wheels for active rolling, ensure that the surface is completely clean, solid and level.

The wheels' texture may be altered by any existing floor damage, which only adds to the floor's flaws. When used in improper applications or environments, debris may accumulate in the wheels. While there are many advantages to choosing phenolic caster wheels, it is important to ensure that they are only used where and how they are appropriate.

Also, phenolic caster wheels are not exactly known for being quiet during operation. Usually, the undesired noise is caused by additional vibration and friction due to debris buildup. Still, phenolics are generally quieter compared to their steel or all-aluminum counterparts, click to know more!